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Kejriwal is involved in 'hawala scam'

19th, May-2017 156 views
Kejriwal is involved in 'hawala scam'
Sacked Delhi minister Kapil Mishra today alleged that AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal is connected to a 'hawala' scam, or money laundering scheme.

Mishra further alleged that Kejriwal is making a Delhi businessman Mukesh Kumar - referred to in a video as Mukesh Sharma - the fall guy, by getting him to falsely claim he donated Rs 2 crore to AAP.

"This is all an elaborate ploy to launder money, to convert black money into white," Mishra alleged, adding that Kejriwal was the kingpin of this elaborate conspiracy.

On May 14, Mishra alleged that Rs 2 crore through four cheques of Rs 50 lakh each was transferred to AAP's coffers through four shell companies. Sharma or Kumar claimed yesterday he was the one who donated that money.

"I donated the money to AAP because I thought AAP has come into politics to serve the poor," Kumar or Sharma said in a video that was shared on Twitter yesterday.

Kejriwal retweeted the video in which the man claimed that he owns the four companies, that all of them are genuine and that he donated Rs 2 crore to AAP because he believed the party "will do good" for the public.

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